All in Shock

My mother’s email read, “D died suddenly. All in shock.” No sh!t. Shock is an understatement. Kisa came to bed and said, “I think I know what happened. Yaz went into the hospital early this morning and D couldn’t take it.” Despite my self stunned state I smiled. He had a point and could possibly be right. No one loved the Red Sox more than D, except maybe his daughter.

I want to think that’s exactly what happened. Home is just too small of a place for mysteriously sudden passings. Things like that just don’t happen. We read about them in the news. We see them on television. They shock us yet we manage to shake our heads and say Glad that wasn’t here. But, but. But! In our little world when people die we usually see it coming from a long way off. Like a ship on the horizon we see the approach and brace ourselves for the arrival. We have time to think, time to prepare. Even my father sent us signs. Headaches, high blood pressure. We should have seen it coming a mile away yet we chose to be stunned.

“All in shock” is definitely an understatement.

Edited to add: Nothing could have prepared me for the passing of LeRoi Moore. It seems so unreal. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that a founding member of the Dave Matthews Band, just 46 years old, is dead. I have to blink my eyes and scratch my head. Three days of bad news. Is it September already?

6 Comments on “All in Shock”

  1. Ruby Tues says:

    I am so sorry …

  2. sarah says:

    sorry too!

    i’m brainstorming on ways to make september fun!

  3. becelisa says:

    sending my love and sympathy across the miles. xoxo

  4. gr4c5 says:

    When you tell someone he or she is your “rock” it sounds so cool. But, when I want to say you guys are my rocks…well, let’s just say something gets lost in the translation, but you know what I mean. I seriously love you.
    They say bad things happen in threes so the quota has been met, dont ya think?

  5. becelisa says:

    i think each and every one of us are going to have something wonderful happen in the next couple of months. be sure to share when it does. xoxo

  6. timeforme says:

    xoxoxo and and extra squeeze. So sorry.

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